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Nice Toolkit for Silverlight But..

Feb 9, 2010 at 2:28 PM


I got excited after using the PatientJourney Demo (Silverlight), and downloaded the Toolkit, as i was designing a GP Surgery Front desk app. However, i soon realised that it is not complete .. well at least for silverlight! and there was only the PatientBanner Control that did something useful. So back to writing my own Style and control template libraries!!

Also there is no exaples on how to use it, or even how to get the sample projects to run... they build fine .. but take ages to run (didn't wait long enough to see it running)

Anyway .. good first attempt but not yet ready for developers ... Unless there is some userguides that i've not seen yet.

Feb 12, 2010 at 9:47 AM

hi Aliix

Glad you liked the Demonstrator. It has generated lots of interest and was the envisioning groundwork for the controls in the Toolkit. You will see that the toolkit is not a direct reproduction of the Demonstrator, and this is because we have worked directly with a clinical audience in ensuring that the controls meet the highest standards of patient safety in design.

I am concerned to hear that you experienced performance issues wit the toolkit. There have been 37,000 downloads of the toolkit and, despite regular correspondence with developers around the world, we haven't seen seen performance issues like this before. If you have some time, could you let me know further details of the issue (e.g. your dev environment spec). Thanks. It is important to us that the toolkit is as consumable as possible.

Look out for the blogs which support the implementation of the more complex controls (e.g. Graphing). They should give you some help in setting up the controls.

With regard to userguides, we are working on some quick implementation guides that we hope to release soon. These are designed to give the UI designer a more accessible version of the guidance documents.

I hope you give the tookit a second chance. Any further comments, please let me know.


Tom Chapman

MSCUI Release Manager