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Error while Registering the CUI Controls Toolkit in the Visual Studio Toolbox

Oct 21, 2009 at 9:01 AM

Hi all,

I had installed MS CUI in a system  with Visual studio 2005,.NET 3.5 SP1,Silverlight   installed.

But I am getting error 'Type library  <dll name>.tlb could not be loaded' while registering the CUI controls toolkit in the visual studio toolbox.

Please help me



Oct 21, 2009 at 2:25 PM


I suspect the main problem is you are trying to use Silverlight 3 assemblies with Visual Studio 2005.

Visual Studio 2005 only supports Silverlight 1. The error you are getting occurs when you try to add Silverlight controls on the COM Components tab of the Toolbox.

As stated in the release notes linked from, the Silverlight 3 Tools are designed for Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

Our GettingStarted document says you can still use some parts of the CUI Control Toolkit with VS2005. If you want to develop ASP or Windows Forms applications, please load the controls from Nhs.Cui.Toolkit.Web or Nhs.Cui.Toolkit.WinForms as appropriate.

If you are interested in exploring the potential of Silverlight and WPF, you have a few options:

1) Download one of the Visual Studio Express Editions

2) Download a free 3 month trial of Visual Studio 2008 Professional

3) Download the brand new Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

After installing any of the above, you'll need to return to the Silverlight Getting Started page linked above and install the Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio.