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Apr 6, 2009 at 6:37 PM
Hi, the company I work for is planning to develop a Laboratory Management System. 
I'm the person in charge to plan an accurate developement project, although I'm not a professional programmer.
What I'm wondering is if we could use MSCUI.

I'm a newbie with silverlight but I'm impressed by what I saw in the Patient Journey Demonstrator.

I would like to ask if is there anyone who can give me some answers to the quastions I post here:

Consider that this software must be a web based application.

 - Is there some kind of control that can provide RS232 comunication (used by some Laboratory Instruments)?
 - Can I use some of the controls that are included in MSCUI?
 - Could we develop in VB or MSCUI is intended to work only in c#?
 - Are there some guidelines to develop such kind of application using MSCUI?

Sorry if some questions are basic level but I'm not a programmer in VS2008.

Thanks to all
Aug 18, 2009 at 11:24 AM

Hi Efrael,

To answer some of you questions...

1. There is nothing built into Silverlight that would give you access to devices, in fact, the security sandbox around silverlight, being a web technology, will make this difficult. The simplest approach would be to develop a WPF component that can access a device and it's drivers. If you need to have an application that is hosted in the browser, you could still consider creating a full trust WPF browser application, otherwise, you would need to consider creating an active X control that accesses the devices and passes information to the DOM.

2. MSCUI has produced the controls so that you can use them in your software, so yes.

3. One of the great things about .NET is that you can pick your language. You can have a C# project that accesses classes in a VB project and vice versa. Simply download our binaries, and add a reference to them in your VB project.

4. The guidance provided on is about producing software systems that address a number of patient safety issues. If you are after technical guidance on building applications with Silverlight, I can recommend MSDN online, and also the tutorials on

Hope this helps,