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SilverLight Patient Banner - Fonts

Dec 15, 2008 at 9:51 PM

I'm writing a Silverlight demonstrator with the MS CUI controls. I have set a dark background colour for my patient banner and I want to make the text white, however I can't find any examples of how to do this. I assume this is defined using the CUI.Font attributes of the PatientBanner? Can anyone post an example of how they have set their fonts in the patient banner for silverlight?


Dec 16, 2008 at 10:24 AM
We customise the banner in the Patient Journey Demonstrator. Here is the XAML that we used. Hope this helps.




                                 PatientNameFont="Arial, 18, Normal, Bold,,White"



                                   Identifier="012 345 6789"



                                   HomePhoneNumber="(0116) 123 4567"

                                   WorkPhoneNumber="(0118) 912 3456"

                                   MobilePhoneNumber="(07719) 123456"


                                   Address1="25 Rochester Road" Address2="" Town="Linthorpe" County="Northshire" Postcode="NS6 9QP"
















                <Style TargetType="mscui_controls:PatientBanner">

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoHoverBackColor" Value="#ff999999" />

                    <Setter Property="PatientNameFont" Value="Arial, 18, Normal, Bold,,White" />


                    <Setter Property="PatientNameHoverFont" Value="Arial, 18, Normal, Bold, , White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneOneLabelFont" Value="Arial, 13, Italic, Normal,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneOneDataFont" Value="Arial, 14, Normal, Bold,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneOneDataHoverFont" Value="Arial, 12, Normal, Bold,, White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoTitleLabelFont" Value="Arial, 12, Italic, Normal,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoTitleDataFont" Value="Arial, 12, Normal, Bold,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoTitleLabelHoverFont" Value="Arial, 12, Italic, Normal,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoTitleDataHoverFont" Value="Arial, 12, Normal, Bold,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoLabelFont" Value="Arial, 12, Italic, Normal,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoDataFont" Value="Arial, 12, Normal, Bold,,White" />

                    <Setter Property="ZoneTwoLinksFont" Value="Arial, 12, Normal, Normal,,#44ffffff" />