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Dec 14, 2008 at 6:04 PM
I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing and i have a question about localization
i want to use the patient control (WPF  version for example)in a language other than english
you provided some ressources files but for the Gender for example we have to change the code
thank you.
Dec 16, 2008 at 10:20 AM
Thanks :-)

For this release of the Patient Banner we did not have test cases for the localization of the patient banner, so I do not have any test apps that I can send you. Sorry.

However, we did place all of our string literals in a resource file, so that you could easily localize them. The file found at \Microsoft.Cui.Controls\PatientBannerControl\PatientBannerResources.resx contains all the string literals.The source file is actually in the Silverlight project, and linked into the WPF project as we use the same source for both solutions.

I would suggest that you pull the files into you own project, and recompile, creating resources for each of the cultures that you require. The code for the patient banner uses a framework ResourceManager to look up the culture specific strings, so you should no have to edit the code to localize. The reason I suggest pulling the code into your own project is that I am not sure how our signed assembly will behave with any satellite assembly that you create, which will not be signed with the same key. For this reason, the project that has been published on codeplex without signing.

Details of the ResourceManager class and how it looks up culture specific strings in satellite assemblies can be found here: