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Interesting Demonstration

May 12, 2008 at 7:27 AM
While I understand the comments about the UI being a bit busy, I think it misses the point.

I'm 100% sure this demo will change, however it does demonstrate several concepts, and provide food for thought.

First, the UI does scale quite well, and the replaceable cells is fantastic, and I just got that working in our UI today(though not as good as yours).

Then the secondary draging really allows for a lot of flexibility in design.

I can see this as the start of a couple of things I'm very interested in.
1.  A SilverLight Portal Template, and
2.  A SilverLight Master Pages Template

The second item is more related to the container replacability than to the physical layout.

In short, I loved the demo, and hope to see source code in the near future.  It will help us all get compelling SL Applications flooded into the RIA ecosphere.