Overview of data

Oct 7, 2010 at 10:59 AM

Hello all.  I'm a GP who is trying to think about how I can look differently at my patient data.

The basic premise is this - we have a lot of tools that looks at indivisual patient level data, and a lot of tools that looks at population data, but the two approaches don't meet.

So I know how exactly my patient's diabetic control has been graphing over the last 20 years.

I know exatly what proportion of my patients have bad diabetic control and can get the names the 10% who are poorly controlled.  But what is less easy is finding out who needs to be proritised for intervention. 

Who has a deteriorating data trend?  Who does my CKD  specialist nurse need to be seeing?  Who has data outside our normal audit framework (based in the UK around the forma Quality and outcomes framework) that is worrying and is a statistical outlier?

What is needed is a dashboard that shows all of your data on a single screen.  The tricky thing was thinking of a way that makes it interpretable and useful.

The approach that I've been using is using visifire (a silverlight plugin) to plot out data values in a single scatterraph


Is a screenshot.  I can't post you the live data obviously as it's all real data.

It then should be easy to click on any point in that graph and it would link directly into a patient's records.

It works for any set of medical data.

More data can be added by, for example, having squares instead of circles for patients with certain  illnesses.....


All I can say is that having used this technique and introducing  the concept to my local colleagues, it  works and is already saving lives.

I'd be delighted if you guys could consider doing something like this.

In my version if I mouse over a datapoint it shows all that patient's previous values in a line graph - I could cobble up an anonomysed version if I can generate a dummy data set.