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What is the best practice to implement SNOMED

Aug 31, 2010 at 1:22 AM

We are interested in adopting the Microsoft Health CUI , and Implementing SNOMED in our healthcare applications,

Our general question is what is the best practice on how to navigate the SNOMED and find the information we want?

More specificly, we tried to implenment SingleConceptMatching control, we developed query to try to find the matches from SNOMED, here are the tables and query script, we appreciate if someone can provide some guidance or advise:

Tables used in the query:

Description (sct_Descriptions), Concept (sct_Concepts)

query scrpt:

SELECT * FROM dbo.sct_Descriptions as a

JOIN [snomed_ct].[dbo].[sct_Concepts] as b



(a.TERM LIKE 'hyperkal%' or a.TERM like '% hyperkal%')

AND a.DescriptionType IN (1,2)

AND (b.FullySpecifiedName LIKE '%(finding)'OR b.FullySpecifiedName LIKE '%(disorder)')

AND b.conceptStatus=0