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Allergies Great BUT....

Jan 10, 2008 at 3:50 PM
Do you think it would have been better to make it a more generic title, for example Hazards?

Its just a thought, but this way you would be able to incorporate a number of patient related material.

For example Patient Alerts, such as MSRA, HIV etc.
We also Record alerts associated with Violence and agression, at risk, special needs
+ allergies as you already have.

Would be interested in other peoples thoughts on this.
Jan 14, 2008 at 12:42 PM
Thank you for your suggestion.

The things you've listed, namely violence, risks, special needs and allergies, were all considered as potentially very useful for displaying in Zone 2 of the banner. Additionally other items such as details of the patient's GP, and of the patient's current location (bed, ward) were also considered. However, it was felt that the majority of these did not have a strong enough evidence base and needed further research / design exploration before they could be formalised as guidance.

Promoting patient safety is the over-arching aim of the CUI programme. Of the various factors that had to be borne in mind when designing the banner, we needed to balance the primary aim of the banner, namely the need to support accurate patient identification, with secondary aims such as to provide users with related information such as risks, allergies, contact details, etc.

The current Guidance seeks to highlight the importance of Allergies and allocates a reserved place for it, namely section 5 in Zone 2. ISVs are free to display other important data as they see fit for their users and care-settings, in sections 3 and 4.

After further consultation with all stakeholders including Connecting for Health, clinicians and ISVs, guidance will be updated where appropriate. It is a more open question exactly how such items should be organised - e.g. a single high-level category (e.g. for 'Hazards') vs. a number of lower level categories that are all displayed on the banner. What (if any) would be the shortcomings of the latter approach?

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