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Envisioning for Structured Planning of Care

Nov 19, 2007 at 9:42 AM
Following on from the posting on Envisioning for Common User Interface, I’d like to use this discussion to solicit feedback in the specific scope area of Structured Planning of Care, which we define as “the provision of a framework of guidance and components to help bring consistency and integration to generic care planning across clinical IT systems, with the aim of seamlessly integrating artefacts used to structure the planning of care, such as care pathways or bundles. The goal is to use evidence-based knowledge at the point of care to help clinicians follow best practice, in an intuitive manner.”

If you have any initial thoughts on design guidance or toolkit controls for Structured Planning of Care that you think would be of greatest value for us to produce, please feel free to add them as a reply to this post.

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Tony Rose
NHS CUI Project
Microsoft Ltd.