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Interaction Design and Aesthetics

Sep 6, 2007 at 10:43 PM
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The current CUI looks and feels hideous. The .NET-generated code isn't super either.

How can folks become involved in the actual UI design... and make dramatic changes to evolve the health CUI into something elegant, beautiful, and smile-worthy?

User interface design involves how one interacts with the service, the code that drives those interactions, the aesthetics... it permeates the entire consumable product. It's not only about aesthetics: a beautiful service speaks to the entire experience from fabulous customer service to elegant user interfaces to user interface design to rockin code.

The example code is not standards compliant (Wc3/xhtml strict). 2) the information design needs massaging which leads to reading and comprehension mistakes (considering the human-error issues in Health, this should be a top priority). 3) the UI + interaction techniques should be elegant. Where's my Health record that knocks my socks off and makes me change behavior?

Common UI doesn't have to be common: it should be remarkable.

This is a half-baked example of a HealthCard:
These common patterns should be teaching people about health, pointing out problem areas/data automatically, and ultimately be patient-centric (patients are the atomic unit of the Health industry).

The project is called "Microsoft Health COMMON USER INTERFACE." One would think UI Design would take near top billing and that the community leadership would advocate for design excellence.

-Juhan Sonin,